The Beach of Skala Kallonis

The area of Kalloni has long and very well-organised beaches with warm, shallow, water. The beach of Skala Kallonis is situated 44 kilometres nothwest from the town of Mytilene. Skala Kallonis has a well-organised beach with fine sand and warm shallow waters, with the opportunity of water sports. The beach is organised with sun umbrellas and sunbeds and there are many restaurants, taverns, cafes and beach bars. The local bars and restaurants provide ample opportunity of night entertainment. The beach of Skala Kallonis has been awarded with the Blue Flag. Very close to Skala Kallonis and within the area of the Kalloni gulf, you can also find the beaches of Parakila and Apothika.

Festivities & Local Traditions

The summer festivities in Kalloni are of great interest. Skala Kallonis is particularly famous for its sardines, also known as "atherina", one of the best summer delicacies. Every summer, as part of its cultural events, the municipality organises the "Sardine Festival", which attracts a lot of people. The festival features a live band and traditional dancers, and visitors can taste the sardines and plenty of ouzo, the traditional drink of Lesvos.

Other events and festivals of the island are:

• The Festival (Paniyiri) of Panayia (Virgin Mary), which takes place in Agiasos village, on 15th of August.

• The Festival of Taxiarchis (Archangel Michael), which takes place in Mantamados village, every 3rd Sunday after Easter.

• The Festival of St. Haralambos or the Bull Festival, which takes place in Agia Paraskevi, every 1st weekend of July.

Some new annual events have also been established, such as the Ouzo Festival, the Frumenty (Trachanas) Festival, the Chestnut Festival.