You can reach Lesvos island and its capital Mytilene by ferries or by plane (from Athens, Thessaloniki and during the summer from abroad).

By ship

Daily routes are carried out from Piraeus port to the port of Mytilene. The port of Mytilene is connected with Lemnos, Ai Stratis, Kavala, Chios, Samos and Ikaria.


Hellenic Seaways: (+30) 210 4199000

Blue Star Ferries: (+30) 210 8919800

By plane

Daily flights are carried out from the airports of Athens and Thessaloniki to the airport of Mytilene, with Olympic Airways, Aegean Airlines and Astra Airlines. These flights last from 40 to 50 minutes. Sky Express, Astra Airlines and Aegean Airlines also operate flights to Mytilene from the airports of Lemnos, Chios, Samos, Rhodes and Heraklion of Crete. Volotea operates flights from the airport of Athens.


Olympic Air: (+30) 210 3550500, (+30) 801 801 0101

Aegean Airlines: (+30) 210 6261000, (+30) 801 11 20000

Astra Airlines: (+30) 2310 489 390, (+30) 801 700 7466

Sky Express: (+30) 2810 223800, (+30) 801 11 28 288

Volotea: (+34) 93 12 20 717 (International Calls)

For further information and reservations, contact the head offices of the companies or the travel agencies on the island.


The transition to Kalloni (which is about 40 km) from Mytilene, can be done through the Provincial Road Mitilini-Kalloni, by private means of transport, by taxi or by urban buses (KTEL), which depart daily from Mytilene.

From Vicky Studios to Mytilene Airport

From Vicky Studios to the Port of Mytilene


Bus Station: Sappho Square. Tel.: 22510 46436

Office: Kountouriotou 57Α. Tel.: 22510 28534

Connection with the coastal areas of Turkey

Daily ferries connect Mytilene with many coastal areas of the Turkish mainland, such as Ayvalik, Dikeli and Fokea. Contact the local travel agencies for tickets and further information.